Diet Tips & Recipes
Diet Tips & Recipes

Protein Power Pancakes


S E R V E S 2


What you will need:

1 cup uncooked whole-grain oats (non-instant)

1½ cups of Eggology or 6 egg whites*

1 cup fat-free cottage cheese*

¼ tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

2 packets sugar substitute

½ cup sugar-free maple syrup

¼ cup mixed berries


Lightly coat a nonstick skillet or griddle with cooking spray and place over

medium heat. In a blender, combine oats, egg whites, cottage cheese, vanilla,

cinnamon, and sugar substitute. Blend for about a minute until smooth.


Pour batter onto hot skillet and cook pancake until bubbly on top and dry

around the edges. It takes about 3 minutes. Flip and cook the other side until

golden brown.


Top pancakes with warm maple syrup and mixed berries.



Calories: 520

Calories from Fat: 50

Total Fat: 6g • Saturated Fat: 1g • Dietary Fiber: 16g • Protein: 37g



Strawberry-Banana Power Shake


S E R V E S 1


What you will need:

12 oz cold water

1 scoop (37.5 grams) of any low-sugar protein powder

1 small ripe banana

6 frozen strawberries


Pour cold water in blender, then add protein powder and blend on medium

speed for 15 seconds. Add banana, blend. Then add frozen strawberries and

blend once more. Pour into a glass and serve.




Calories: 170

Calories from Fat: 10

Total Fat: 1g • Saturated Fat: 0g • Dietary Fiber: 3g • Protein: 16g


Ultimate 10-Minute Pizza


S E R V E S 1


What you will need:

1 whole-wheat pita

¼ cup low-fat pizza sauce

1 cooked chicken breast, sliced*

¼ red bell pepper, sliced

¼ yellow bell pepper, sliced

¼ small zucchini, sliced

¼ cup reduced-fat mozzarella cheese, shredded


Preheat oven to 425°F.


Place the pita on a baking sheet. Spoon pizza sauce evenly over the pita and

top with cooked chicken, peppers, zucchini, and cheese. Bake for 10 minutes or

until cheese is melted and serve.



Calories: 400 

Calories from Fat: 100

Total Fat: 11g • Saturated Fat: 4.5g • Dietary Fiber: 7g • Protein: 33g


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